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Default Re: Old school training routines seem to be the simplest and most effective!

Originally Posted by dempsey1234 View Post
OMG, if that works for you, ok. About your books, sorry not my cup of tea. If you are a trainer I commend you for trying to educate yourself, if you are a fighter then you need to find another trainer. I dont know how it is with OFC, and their coaches, but any good boxing coach can teach you and prepare you for a fight. If you have to check the coaches library to make a decision, you are looking at a guy who learned through reading rather then through hands on experience. I would rather hear and see a coach train then I can make a decision.
Lets see what replies I get.
Why should i find another trainer?Cause i have one that doesnt have a big ****ing ego and lets me do my thing with my s&c?!LOL you are unbelievable.
I got tired of ****ing idiots i had for trainers when i was in a university,mixing apples and oranges and talking how weights are bad and how i should run till the day end and they couldnt demonstrate a ****ign squat properly.As brow bomber and jdsm said as well,we know what happens on a club level and its scary.
About the books,yea ofc,its easier to **** on something you cant understand or know than actually to READ something.I tried a lot of stuff in my life training wise,and i dont see any problem,i saw i tried it,what suited me best i kept.
Boxing trainers suck at basic s&c,it is what it is,if you ask him how to do a periodization for s&c for boxing which is a BASIC thing they wouldnt know what to say.Its no different than a soccer,football,basketball,or every damn sport on high level.Its not a disrespectfull thing to say.
Angelo Dundee and Cus damato never laced a glove on their hands btw and they we phenomenal boxing coaches and im pretty sure Hunter was never a boxer as well.But im not quite certain.So how can they teach boxing for example as they have never boxed but s&c trainers should have boxed if they are gonna do s&c for boxing?Se how this works?

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