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Default Re: JMM143 Pac147 This is why weight div!

Originally Posted by divac View Post
Pac****s have said for years that they'll weight the same regardless.

But the weights here signify why we have weight divisions.

4 lbs is significant. Thats four additional lbs of lean mass for Pacquiao.

Pacquiao could'nt bully Marquez in fight 3 so he's decided to bulk up and take it to the smaller Marquez.

We'll see what transpires come tommorow night, but definitely, Pacquiao is at a weight advantage here. He'll be physically stronger than he was a year ago!
errr.... didn't they fight at this weight class before? If Marquez was so concerned about maximizing the weight class, he would have put on more muscle mass himself... you make it sound like Pacquiao is cheating on him or something!

Mentally preparing yourself for an out if Marquez gets KO'd? Yes, pretty smart idea on Pacquiao's side to max out to 147 for once, since his Plan A will be a KO....

Just as Marquez said before the last fight, he wont be worried about the weightclass cuz he'll be just a couple pounds behind Pacquiao at the most. This will prob be the same thing. Dont get emo on us yet, the fight hadn't even started!
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