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Default Re: ESB Brit Forum Poster of the Year

Originally Posted by widdy View Post
skills by a country mile,his posts are great,when i can be ****d reading them,don't know where he gets the time to write them also seems a good lad outside of the internet as well(never met him,but he seems a good guy)

shout out to kos,boxing **** ,tppf,beeston,drmo,df,icemax(the ***)gazoc,flint was great as well,and the lads offa checkhook who left here,all good posters.

ive missed a few,sorry lads,bad memory,to many punches to the heed

Micheal300 is a good guy as well.


dai seems to be a drama queen as well
and too many to mention,alias galore,can't do with people making aliases,don't get it,why not just be yourself,i am,can be a knob at times but at least its me,aliases **** me off
Oh yeah and you don't think I see what you are.

Sucking up to the popular guys.

You ****ing make me sick, you really are low.

Shut your ***** ass and don't ever mention my name again

I see right through you, sad man

Kick your ass
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