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Default Re: JMM143 Pac147 This is why weight div!

Originally Posted by divac View Post

The thing about fight night weights is that often times the fighter steps into them fully clothed and with shoes on.
You cant really go by fight night weight when the difference between that and the official weighin is 5 or 6 lbs.
Your clothes can pretty much weigh that much.

A fighter like Chavez Jr. who scales 20 lbs heavier the next day you know is not all weight from your clothes.

All thoughout the negotiations for fight 3, I kept saying Marquez stood a good chance still if the fight were be held at 140 lbs where both can make without a problem.

Pacquiao is said to have to overeat to weighin at 143-145, wonder how many PED's he had to overdose on to hit the scales at 147 lbs and look the way he did.

Pacquiao's weight gain is likely in his legs. The legs that will carry him and make him withstand the straight rights by Marquez he was leary of last time.

If Pacquiao is able to just walk through Marquez shots without feeling the effects, I think it will be safe to assume it will be because of the extra weight he's carrying he did'nt carry last time.
Last time Pacquiao was leary of getting hit, he was feeling Marquez' shots.
I'll I'm saying is lets see if thats the case this time.
I'm sure both men will weigh in tonight....I just hope we see what weight they both rehydrate to. I don't think PAC will put on that much weight and suspect Juan might add a little extra weight to make the fight night weight between these two more even.

At 140 the fight would be the same fight. The only difference is both men would be smaller and would have a different training camp which focused more on cutting weight.

PAC's body has naturally gone through a physiological change that comes with age and comes with moving up in weight. For him to fill out over the course of 4 yrs is not a least not to me. I knew PAC would eventually become a full fledge Welter Weight at some point and Juan is not that far behind. He just needs to consistently fight above 135 and he is beginning to do so now. Juan's PED intake...if he is taking something memo has cooked up, won't make him a full fledged welter weight over just helps him operate better as his body begins to fill out naturally.

Last time PAC wasn't fighting in the typical style we are use to. He just hasn't been as busy, period. He's gotten to the point now where Manny is "thinking" more and trying to look for the right openings vs just fighting on instinct and throwing combinations.

I think that has a lot to do with his age....all the changes he's made to his personal life and just losing that fire he once had when he was hungry.

PAC's not hungry anymore....he's comfortable. He's use to the stage....use to the redundant process of promoting a BIG fight....preparing for the fight and winning.

JMM on the other hand is HUNGRY..he's made necessary changes to breath life in to his career. He has amazing skill sets that add ring miles to his boxing life and now with Memo...he's almost turning back the time doing things he's never had to do before because he was that good and operating in his NATURAL weight class.

It's why I think JMM was able to best PAC last time by a couple rounds. In the rematch the shoes were on the other set of feet and PAC was able to best Juan.
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