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Default Re: Can Oscar de La Hoya beat Duran at at 147. In there primes?

Originally Posted by duranimal View Post
AH! So know it's all about the fact that Duran never KO'd Leonard

Digging through all your hate to find a modicom of reality is akin do digging out an undigested chunk of carrot from a sidewalk splattered in spew
Hate is giving an opinion which I think is based on facts or other fights?? I always said Duran was great, if giving an opinion is hate then they should rename ESB ESH for Eastside Hate since the whole board here is build on opinions and by your standard hate. And I think I exhibit far less "hate" than many people on here.
There is a search on ESB. Go use it an find when I said anything hateful against any fighter or person on ESB. You cannot find it because I never did. I never insulted Duran as a person ever. I mention his techniques and his fans excuses and comments. I stick to the fights and the lack of evidence for some of the excuses.
I always said Duran was great, my comments were on facts and I stick to the criteria I always used. Do I not? There is always a few people who do not go by the believed theories on fighters if they don't see evidence for the claims. I have always looked at things scientifically. There has to be a cause and effect or something someone says based on real fact. My criteria has always been not to say someone could walk through some great easily because that is opinion. My criteria is if a person says a fighter could walk through someone like Oscar, well certainly there are fights against other elites where they walked through them so that would back that up. But if there are not many fights against elites where he did that, then a comment that Duran would win by knockout easily would be said. Where is the proof? People cannot say well he walked through Lampkin so he would walk through Oscar. Well they can, but that evidence is shaky. I think what my viewpoint is valid.
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