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Default Re: Tyson would have beaten wlad pretty easy and heres why

Wlad would have lost before the first bell rang. As soon as he saw Tyson in the ring pacing back and forth like a caged tiger, Wlad would be mentally transported back to when he was a little boy and used to get his lunch money stolen before running crying to Vitali

Once the actual bell rang, Tyson would bob and weave over to Wlad and land a monstrous uppercut on his weak chin. The force would snap Wlad's head back with a sickening velocity sending him crashing to the canvas like a sack of spuds. Vitali would be crying in alarm at ringside, his hands raised to his head in fear and dismay. The doctors would rush to Wlad giving him urgent medical attention while the crowd watched on in alarm. Wlad would then be removed from the ring on a stretcher. Fortunately, he would make a full recovery later in the hospital.

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