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Default Re: Jeffries v Quarry

Originally Posted by HOUDINI View Post
They also fought in much bigger rings in those days. Smaller more agile hwts were that much more difficult to catch. Tom Sharkey is considered an all time great that would have been champion if he were not fighting in an era of even greater fighters.
Are you saying that Sharkey was more agile? He was certainly smaller. Sharkey was a face first brawler, whom a teenage Jack Johnson embarrassed in sparring,prompting Sharkey to say to his corner," tell him to hold his head up so I can hit it", to which they replied," you're boxing him , you make him hold his head up."

Sharkey was one of the dirtiest fighters that ever got in a ring .
After being comprehensively out boxed for nearly 3 rds by Choynski he began to blatantly foul. Sharkey beat a 158lbs Kid McCoy,who had him on the floor twice,and a Corbett who had been retired for 2 years, and not won a fight for 4 , which other great fighters did he beat ?
Please don't say Fitz

The rock of your argument is Rickard ,who was never hit by Jeffries, those that were, Corbett, Fitz ,Sharkey, Johnson ,all tabbed Choynski as the bigger puncher with Fitz a close second. Your other star witness Fleischer was not only never hit by Jeffries, I doubt he ever saw him land a punch in a fight, unless it was in his abortive comeback against Johnson.

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