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Default Re: ESB Brit Forum Poster of the Year

Originally Posted by 12downfor10 View Post
- Best Poster of the Year - Skills

- Most Improved Poster of the Year - Laz

- Funniest Poster of the Year - Wickio ( posters were brilliant)

- Noob of the Year - Michael300

- Knob of the Year - Craney

- Hugger of the Year - Earl

- Hater of the Year - Earl

- Thread of the Year - Haye-chisora poster thread

- ''Clubman'' of the Year - not sure....

- The Utter1 sponsored "Lest We Forget" Award (Posters who have sadly passed on/left)* - dunno.

- The Jeff Thomas sponsored ''Permabanned poster who should be allowed back'' award - teeto
Do I know you?

I dont think I've ever seen you post before?

Anyway, thanks for the really shouldnt have

I'd like to give you something in return, but unfortunately I cant do it through a monitor.....and no, its not a bum.

Technically speaking, I cant receive the reward, because I was registered in March, and not January, making me ineligible, as I havent contributed for a whole year yet. Maybe in 2013 though ay?
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