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Default Re: Ronnie Heffron Vs Denton Vassell 30/11/2012

Originally Posted by WATERBOY View Post
Everytime some1 from Arnies camp gets brought up your on here sayin they need to change gyms? You never say it when another fighter from another gym has a loss or bad performance? Strange!
Not really that strange is it?
Its certainly nothing personal but I think Farnell is still learning his trade and it would actually help him as well to bring through some unheralded lads from scratch.
At the minute he's had loads of great amateurs with plenty of potential but none of them have fulfilled their promise.

I don't think changing camps is always the answer after a defeat but its a long, long road back for Ronnie, and when he turned over he was talked about as a future star.

You seem well connected with the gym, what is his career ambition?
Is he a full-time pro?
We've had threads here previously which have highlighted how little money there is in British boxing ATM, if he wants to make a living out of the sport he's going to have a break out fight and show some improvement on what he has shown so far.

Frank seems to really value the unbeaten record and he's going to have to work his way through the undercards(I guess).
I definitely wish him well and was hoping he'd win last week.

That's just my opinion obviously you disagree - but thats the nature of a forum - anyway I'm off to watch Barker.

One last thought re that fight, really pleased for Bob Shannon, seems good bloke.
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