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Default Re: Post your Stanley Ketchel pictures & stories here!!

This is a story I related previously in the Ketchel/Greb thread:

In the early 1900s, in Brick, New Jersey, there was a very large man who claimed to have beaten Stanley Ketchel in a 'street fight' on the banks of Kettle Creek. He claimed that Ketchel hurt his hand when he struck the body of the man, who was wearing a coat filled with walnuts in the lining. The man then knocked Ketchel "stiffer than a stilliard!"

Of course, nobody believed this tale, even though the man told it as though he himself really believed it. It was considered just another of many tales in local folklore, such as German U-boats being seen in this same creek during WWII with the periscopes hidden by orange crates (a creek I waded across in my teen years).
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