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Default Re: Your top 10 Eastern European HW'S...

Originally Posted by damian38 View Post
for the last 8 years, 2 Eastern Euro guys have dominated the division and there's also the new batch of Eastern European HW's coming around

Abdusalamov, Pulev, Szpilka, Glazkov are just the first names that come to mind

exactly. and they have produced some of the most boring/forgettable heavyweight fights of all time.

remember tyson vs holyfield? or bowe vs holyfield?

here is the problem: take the klitschkos out of the equasion. lets look at all the other fighters that came after the klitschkos.........those are the ones im referring to.

look at all prospects (past and presen,t): vladimir virchis, taras bidenko, ruslan chagaev, alexander povetkin,, white wolf lyhakovich, sultan ibragimov, kubrat pulev, sasha dimitrenko and so on.....what do they all have in common??
answer: 2 things.

number one: all have/had talent. not one "bum" (i.e. someone like tye fields) in that group. everyone could produce some pretty solid boxing.
so that was not the problem.

number two: they have as much charisma as an empty bottle of milk.

in other words: they all come across as ****in boring! i mean whats with that russian "look" that povetkin has? hes got the haircut of a twelve year old.

and watching their interviews is as exciting as watching paint dry.

sure, its all superficial. but this is professional boxing. its not just about being a good boxer. you gotta sell the product.

and you can do that in one of two ways: either you make for some real barnburner fights.
or you at least have to get people (the general public) interested.

so far they have not done either.

and looking at those "new guys on the block" like glazkov, pulev etc, thing aint getting any better.
they are more likely to get worse.
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