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Default Re: Randy Couture And Steven Seagal Talk Fighting Each Other

This is what i feel would happen in a fight between the two, lol, not that it would im just seeing it in my mind and typing the description into this forum

First i see the setting and Randy being so confent he feels it not a risk to FEEL the master out a bit. Test his REFLEXEs in STAND UP over and over in RANDOM ways to either make the master flinch and loose his ZEN powers OR to BELT the MASTER old school stye with a punch to the face witch i see Randy feeling he could get away with against the master.

I see Randy passing up good oportunitys to SHOOT in on the master at angles with speed and leverage from Randys superior AGILITY/DEXTERITY. Angles to shoot that Randy could either plow him up against the fence off balance all the way or dump him with SPEED onto the mat into a BAD position whereby the MASTER could not create alot of leverage for EYE GOUGEs, biting, toe holds, throat rip outs and **** ripping that the master has been known to employ.

I see the master making James Toney look like Cassius Clay when the master attempts to move with Randy and keep DEALING with Randys bluffs/feints/etc. I see Randy wanting to prove to himself that he doesnt need to go at the master and take him right out just because he can. I feel Randy intentionally wanting to EXPOSE the masters abilitys.

I see that as Randy DRAMTICALLY 'ups" the PACE/RATE of the BLUFFs the master nearly trips over his own feet a few times and seems to have hurt his back or shoulder or someting as he begins to stop still trying to pretend he is showboating for the first time,,i see Randy realizes this and feels GUILTY but then punches the master hard right in the face and by how easy it was Randy realizes that he will not torture the master and humiliate him infront of a global audience, even if the fans are begging and screamig for him to do it , i see Randy doing the right thing and wacking the master to piecies on the spot while TONING down how VICIOUS he could be if he had EVIL like intentions,,,,

i see the master confused from the DAZE of the hard head shots that Randy patiently waited for until Randy belted the Master with such a barrage of quick shots while dodging in and out like a cat, i see the master confused on the ground from the headshots,

i see Randy allowing the master to get back up without attacking and i see the master being so stupid he gets back up while using one hand to help him holding the cage

i see Randy use the Masters lack of focus while getting back up to roman greco the master around the neck and i see Randy's knee slamming into the masters face as the force of Randys downward momentum catches the master so off gaurd and overwelmed the front of the masters face smashes into Randys knee full force rather then his forehead

thus i see the master on the ground not fully unconscious,,,,however, the fight stopped the moment that Randys knee went into the masters face as several of the masters teeth fell out of the his mouth on the masters way to the canvas while a stream of blood and the echoing sound of the masters nose cartlidge crunching in the ears of everyone including Courture who has to truthfully stop himself from CRINGING as the master lays on the ground in such confusion he does not know who he is at this time and begins to try to fight the canvas thinking that he is fighting courture, other than the truth that he cant remember that he is fighting randy, he just knows he is fighting something, as the canvas is percieved by the master to be resisting him the master is mistakenly attacking the natural effects of gravity upon him,,,,

the only problem is the master cant even get power into his strikes upon the canvas and thus everyone is cringing including Randy and the referee

as well many of the master's body parts are TWITCHING and not in unision with the parts of him resisting the canvas with feable strikes created from mass confusion to what is really going on currently within and around him

the masters leg is twitching in a way that resembles a orgasm that just keeps going

of course not many create the perception that the master is attacking the point of gravity as most simply think he is having a seizure without too much force or resistence as the master's mind and body are not working as of its normal abiitys

i see the ref go to call the fight off after Randy looks at him for mercy and i see the master biting the refs ankle screaming, "i will kill you Van Damme"

i see the Ref accidently kicking the master in the face to free his foot and i see the master at this stage going completely limp and the ref getting a guilty look on his face and looking over to Randy

i see Randy supporting the Ref that it wasnt his fault the master began biting his angle bone and thus the REF finish calling the fight and i see paramedics rushing into the cage with great speed

i see everyone noticing that blood is coming from the masters eyes as well as his ears and the mood in the onlookers changes

i see the masters bladder and bowels empty

then i just see lights and after that i i see the master in a wheelchair and not reconizable physically or mentally

i see the master talks about how Van Damme and Norris blind sided him after spiking his drink and using tasers on him

i see the master given drugs to calm him down as if he ever gets too riled up his bladder and bowels will empty

I see Randy in therepy as well as visiting the master who cant even recall Randy and thinks they are old army buddies

I see Randy putting on alot of weight after that and never fighting again

I hope this never happens, this is a fight that should stay in fantasy
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