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Default Re: Post your Stanley Ketchel pictures & stories here!!

I posted a little bit of local folklore on the other thread.

In general he was known for being intense, moody, and unpredictable. He fits the profile of someone suffering from major mental illness. Today he'd almost certainly be diagnosed with some sort of personality disorder. Was known for walking around like he was lost in his own world.

Interestingly Ketchel's famous rival Billy Papke was also a strange man. But Papke is less famous, because he was marginally less great and less crazy than Ketchel.

Unlike Ketchel, Papke had a pleasant side to his personality. He was usually very affable, goofy, charming etc. The accounts of how he romanced and eloped with a beautiful heiress (from Quebec I think) are really funny, as the couple had to criss cross the country in disguise as the story of the socialite and ex-middleweight champ became national news and the Papke's became the subject of a police investigation.

Unfortunately Billy mental health slowly deteriorated as his marriage soured and the concussions started to take their toll on his skill. Once he retired he was living in a world of paranoid delusions, obsessed with finding some way to win back his terrified wife, who had long since divorced him. In the end he shot Edna to death in a psychotic rage before turning the gun on himself.

Papke and Ketchel were both linked by blood spilled in the ring and blood spilled in their death's amid smoke and gun powder. Ketchel was a crazy opium addict, but he somehow managed to outfight just about all the non-crazy non-opium addicts.
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