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Default Re: parrert vs griffith death match

Originally Posted by JWSoats View Post
I watched that fight live on TV, and they replayed that fatal round several times. It was one of the first times video replays were used. As I recall, Griffith had Paret trapped in the corner in such a way that he could not have fallen to the canvas. He was a sitting duck for Griffith's attack.
Paret took a beating a short while before the Griffith fight being battered by the stronger Gene Fullmer...He was probably having head problems before the fight...And yes Ruby Goldstein should have stopped the fight much sooner...A couple years after this tragedy,I spoke to Ruby Goldstein
after he gave a boxing seminar in New England...I asked him many questions about Benny Leonard, Harry Greb /Ray Robinson etc, but I wisely refrained questioning him of that fatal fight he refereed...
P.S. In 1948 I traveled to Philly to see Ike Williams almost kill Beau Jack
in similar circumstances as in the 6th round the murderous hitting Williams had Beau Jack out on his feet trapped against the ropes with poor Beau Jack's arms entangled in the ropes and Beau was UNABLE to fall. Ike begged the referee to stop the slaughter but the ref told williams to continue..We in the audience was sreaming for the ref to stop it,and he finally did, saving the brave Beau Jack a stay in the hospital or in the morgue...Paret was not that lucky...
P.P.S. You can see this bout on youtube...What a night it was and in a couple of hours later my buddy and I were arrested in Atlantic City...
Ah youth....
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