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Default Re: Márquez KOs Pacquiao: Pics and GIF.

Originally Posted by Scar View Post
**** off with that trash. The only certified boxing clown at the moment is none other than Floyd "Twitter and Facebook all-time great" Mayweather who recently won a UD over 50 cent. While Mayweather was busy exchanging with fans in twitter as well, Pacquiao was signing actual fights. Mayweather offered $40 million with all PPV money to him claiming he's a boxer while Pacquiao has a future in politics. Sorry but as one of the biggest Mayweather fans here, all he has done is turn down legitimate threats when they came, that's all he will be remembered for and that's me HOPING he will be remembered anyway. Please spare us that garbage, if there's one man that blew it and always blows it with deluded demands, it's Mayweather and as his fan I will openly admit that. Please remove Andre Ward from your avatar because with your hilarious trolling, you will be the first to remove that avatar if he loses and replace it with someone else as you continue to troll about.
Damn Scar you serious right now? Were you really a hardcore Floyd fan for a long time?
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