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Default Re: Marquez-Pac 4 shows the importance of strength and conditioning

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
A proper periodised strength and conditioning program can make a big difference as shown by Marquez' obvious increase in punching power for this fight. Pacquiao looked good in terms of his boxing but he was clearly outgunned. Note that Ariza claimed Pac hadn't been following his strength program. People are going to call PED's just like when Pacquiao moved up and started proper conditioning but that's because boxing is 'old school' and full of uneducated opinions.
The old 'punchers are born' line should be thrown away, there's no reason not to embrace modern training methods and boxing coaches need to get that through their thick heads.

ive always believed that you could be made a puncher from the right program but ive been scared to even say that because of ridecule from other posters. Good form is obviosly the first most important thing but power comes from the strength and weight of the body? correct me if im wrong
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