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Default Re: Who ye got? Marquez vs. Pacquiao?

This was my face last night -

I didnt see that finish coming, before or during the fight. What a cracking punch by Marquez, one of the best I've ever seen. Timed and sold to perfection. He was planting the right hook seed, and when Manny adjusted BOOM, right over the top. What a fighter Juan Manuel is. Very very very smart, and he proved it again. He had Manny's number the very first time they fought, I didnt expect for Marquez to finish it like that though, UNBELIEVABLE. Never knocked Manny down in any of the previous fights, but puts him to sleep in this one. Great fight it was to. I had Manny winning the fight by a few rounds going into that last round, but Marquez was coming back and looking to land the punch he put Manny down earlier in the fight. He just waited for the perfect time, and timed it expertly. 2.59 in the 6th, with 1 second to go, it was the right time to commit, it was the perfect time to throw it, and he threw it absolutely perfectly.

Marquez said he was smarter before the fight, and we should of known better it was all there for us to see, we really should of known better. Manny's prep was **** again as I said earlier, yet Marquez was a trojan in the gym and got himself in the best shape of his life. We all knew Manny was gonna come in like a raging bull to try and prove the point that he thought he won all 3 previous fights, with a devastating knockout. Little did we know, stupidly I must admit to, Manny was gonna be on the receiving end of it. How did so much of us not see the pattern?

Marquez was the biggest physically Ive seen him, stronger, and he is the counter puncher who has Pacquiaos number, and Manny was always going to come in full blast in this fight in particular. Marquez read it like a book. We really should have seen this coming the more I think about it.....but thats boxing, it shocks and surprises us, but we learn.....

Marquez had some serious power, the first knockdown made Manny fly like superman, and the sound of both knockdown punches could be heard anywhere in the world.

Once the chin is cracked, its never the same again......Manny would be wise to give it up now IMO, but if he wants one last fight, the 5th fight, he has to move away from Freddie Roach, because last night, you could tell he was a Freddie Roach fighter, it looked like Amir Khan in there. NO REGARD for defence, and it backfired AGAIN. Freddie isnt the trainer or man he was, Parkinsons is ripping him apart, he cant give the information to the fighter between rounds that the fighter desperately needs. Manny's other trainer is just shouting out fanboy support, and not advice. Freddie used to point Pacquiao in the right direction during a fight, and he just cant do it anymore.

Pacquiao is a fighter with no discipline or idea, and got exposed, and IMO worse than Ricky Hatton did. WHAT A BRUTAL KO IT WAS.

It confirmed to me all along what I already knew, Manny stood no chance against Floyd Mayweather, because if Marquez hadn't of done this, Floyd would have done it a long time ago. Walking onto that left/right check hook like Hatton did. Pacquiao would have been finished by Mayweather fighting on the back foot.....a class above.
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