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Default Re: Your opinion on Jennings?

Originally Posted by Davros84 View Post
Jennings is a pretty good prospect he dominated most of the fight. I like his movement and his jab and combination punches. That upper cut was excellent. The only bad moment was when he got caught by that big left hand but it caught him as he was moving away and it landed on the top of the head which can take your legs away. The good thing I thought was when he got up his legs seemed stable, he wasn't flopping around the ring like Seth Mitchell was.

Guys likeGlazkov, Szpilka, Dinu, Mago are just as unproven as Jennings and Tyson Fury has been put down hard by a weaker puncher than Tupo.

Jennings is a work in progress and shouldn't be pushed to far to fast, he needs another 8-10 fights before fighting for a title (if he doesn't get beaten first) and until that happens it's difficult to gauge his ceiling, there is no point in making stupid prediction about someone.
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