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Default Re: Your opinion on Jennings?

Originally Posted by Cableaddict View Post
Well, let's see:

He got hit exactly one time in 4 rounds, and managed to partially duck even that blow.

He came back immediately and finished that round strong, showing tremendous heart.

He completely dominated the fight, yet kept his cool and showed tremendous patience.

He landed a lot of vicious body shots, which is unusual for a HW.

He showed excellent footwork and speed.

His accuracy was the best we've ever seen from him.

He ended the fiight with a 1-punch KO.

Yeah, he really sucks! (All Hail Brit****ia !)
Ya know

I mean haterz gonna hate, but as another pointed out.....Tupou is a monster puncher, and is a far stronger puncher than Pajkic who KDd Fury similarly.

The fact that Jennings ended the round effectively shows he's got good recovery skills.

Sometimes, a 260lb fighter is gonna KD and even KO the 220lbs fighter when those kindof shots land. But Jennings, wasnt about to let that happen. He went straight away back to his gameplan and got his 2nd consecutive dominant KO win.
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