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Default So after last night, should Mayweather deserve credit now by beating Marquez...

...In a shut out? I mean lets look at all the facts here. In the weigh in marquez last night weigh in at 143 pounds while his opponent pacquiao weigh in at 147 pounds in which means pac had a 4 pound weight advantage. Now when marquez fought mayweather, in the weigh in marquez weigh in at 142 pounds to floyd 146 in which means floyd like pacquiao had a 4 pound weight advantage. Now people will say (But mayweather vs marquez was suppost to be at catchweight) and blah blah blal blah. <<Yeah in a way but really so what? Pacquiao fought Cotto at 145 pounds catchweight in which 2 pounds under 147 pound limit but yet many many people gave pac credit. So why cant mayweather get really big credit? He not only beat marquez but beat marquez in a damn shut out. And mayweather like pacquiao had a 4 pound weight advantage over marquez. Now people will say (mayweather i bet weigh in at 165 pound at fight night) <<<lmfao really? you people act like mayweather has balloon all the way in clottey weight before many times on fight night lolol. If you people dont give mayweather credit for his win over marquez now then nobody should be giving pac credit for beating any fighters ever since he moved up to ww.
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