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Default Re: The Warrior and the Puff who waited for him to make a mistake!

Originally Posted by Pound4PoundG View Post
I have respect for Marquez but everytime he fight Pacman I lose all respect for him. For all those who play Call of duty you may know what im talking about. Using Call of duty terminology I will say Marquez is the greatest camper of all time. Got to give Pacman so much respect knowing that this woos wont throw a punch until Pac throws and makes a mistake and yet he still threw so many punches. Can you imagine if pacman had the same mentality as marquez going in to the fight. It would be the most boring fight of the year!! Any boxer can decide to not throw punches and only capitalise on the other boxers mistake. Its disgraceful that Marquez fights such exciting fights in his other fights yet for Pacmam he becomes the greatest camper on the planet! Shame on you you puff and your pathetic mexican fans!!
Call of Duty? Lol, are you a 13 year old pre-****scent boy?
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