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Default Re: Serious question: Does May punch harder than this version of Marquez??

Originally Posted by ROACH View Post
You're saying some hypocritical **** though.

No way Mayweather hits as hard as Marquez. Mayweather landed his hardest shots CONSISTANTLY on Ortiz, and couldn't even make him blink.

It's not like Ortiz hasn't been down multiple times in his career.

When Mayweather fights Marquez next, which he will, if somehow Marquez manages to land a shot like that, which is doubtful, you'll see Mayweather ****ed up too.

Marquez is a blatant cheater. He hired a chemist.

I hope he does knock Mayweather out, then they'll really start looking into things.
Dude Floyd has a better right hand than Marquez. Its faster and sharper and his timing is better. You keep forgetting that Manny didn't see the shot coming and that he was timed perfectly. Floyd lands a shot in that same scenario and Manny is sitting on his ass. Well Mayweather got hit by a shot he didn't see by Mosley who hits harder that Marquez and Floyd stayed up and got in his ass. Let it go bro. If you think MARQUEZ is cheating then ask him to take a test.
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