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Default Re: Thoughts on the Pacquiao/Marquaz fight

Originally Posted by Boxed Ears View Post
This forces Mayweather to do nothing, mate. He was already not fighting Pacquiao. He's just going to still not be fighting Pacquiao. If anything, this helps him continue his regularly scheduled programming. He might even fight Marquez again with these nice developments. And Canelo hasn't really done anything that should worry Mayweather, from where I can see. I think he'd be easier than Trout, Cotto or Lara for Mayweather. I don't know how fighting Cotto is cherry-picking and fighting Canelo is picking some tough fight. I figured he was going to try and get Canelo specifically for his Mexican Mayday special anyway.
Alvarez is bigger, stronger, faster and harder hitting than Cotto. It's a different proposition. Trout is going to do what, outbox Mayweather? Lara is someone who could trouble Mayweather though, although I'm not sure how he does at this level

Originally Posted by sweet_scientist View Post
How did he prove that he was the greatest featherweight in recent times? He didn't face Morales, he barely squeaked by an old Barrera, he got a dubious draw against Pac because of an incompetent judge and then had his hands full with Chris John and Freddie Norwood.
Well he isn't necessarily a lock for number 1, but:

His resume from FW-SFW is stronger than any other FW in the last 20 years in terms of quality and depth

Morales, MAB and Hamed's management avoided him, not his fault he didn't fight them

Barrera he beat decisively, watch it again, they were both the same age when they fought

Pacquaio he won 9-7 rounds against, yes maybe it should have been a 10-6 in the first, but giving Pacquaio 5 rounds is pretty generous. Also Pacquaio also should have maybe been docked a point for hitting him on the floor. He ends up winning the series (in reality) against Pacquaio, the other top FW of his era

Chris John an undefeated champion who still hasn't lost, he beat clearly, hardly a black mark. The Norwood fight could have gone either way and Norwood was 1 of the best H2H of the era. Compared to Morales gift decision against an old Espadas in their first fight, these aren't too bad.

Every fighter has close controversial fights though, Marquez never really got clearly beaten by anyone his own size, while taking on all comers. which is impressive.
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