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Default Re: Marquez vs Pac: 3 wins, 1 draw

Originally Posted by Flexb View Post
Where am I wrong?
Pac arguably has 3 losses vs. marquez, who isn't looked at in the same league as pac.
Pac has made a name off beating false versions of Oscar, Mosley, Margarito, Cotto etc. Pac bested an aging Morales and Barerra but NONE OF THESE GUYS WERE PRIME.
Marquez isn't half the fighter any of these guys were in their primes but he was prime fighting Pac and look at the record.
Bradley is not ATG either and he gave pac fits.

the writing is on the wall buddy. I called this fight, go read my post from yesterday. so much for me not knowing boxing eh? Fukin re****.
You're a gimp you're probably wearing fishnets as we speak.
Everyone can do what you did there diminishing Pac's record.

Lets take a look at Oscar's record.

Oscar got a gift against ordinary Felix Sturm.
Got a gift against past his prime on coke Sweet Pea.
Got another gift against Ike Quartey.
Lost twice to Sugar Shane Mosley and got KTFO by old man river Hopkins.
Ran like a chicken from a weight drained Trinidad.
Cherrypicked a lightweight(Pac) and took the beating of a lifetime.

He basically made his name of beating an ancient shot to pieces JCC twice and feasting on smaller fighters while at 135 and 140, never once did he beat a great prime fighter, ATG my Ass.

Like you see its easy to diminish everyone's record.
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