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Default Re: Thoughts on the Pacquiao/Marquaz fight

I don't think so lester re that last point.

We already knew he was more or less equal with Pac both being in their prime.The same fighters fighting AGAIN both getting past their best now and above their best weight, and already getting to the point where losses unless of exceptional circumstance were not going to be held against them.

Nobody really holds Marquez loss against Mayweather against him too much i hope not?

Same thing here for winner and victor.This was a personal triumph for Marquez-aka Ali Frazier 3-, but even going in it was hardly the kind of fight that was going to have anyone reassessing either fighter to any great extent regardless of the outcome imo.If it was Marquez KO'ing some much younger really good prime fighter then yeah, but we already know the score with these guys when they were at their best.One of them finally getting a clear win with both having shown signs of decline for years isn't THAT big a deal for judging either one imo, though as boxed says we probably need to wait a while and see what happens next.Now if something like this had happened in the 2nd fight....
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