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Default Re: Barry McGuigan - I've had enough of you.

Originally Posted by ardy View Post
My comments are as I remember the times. I've been reading Boxing News since around 82 and during the time of the McGuigan/Nelson debate in 85/86, most of their readers would have considered McGuigan the favourite to beat Nelson,that is a fact. Talking up a fight by calling people silly names doesn't mean McGuigan would have been frightened of Nelson, it just wasn't McGuigans style to react to it. As far as the Irish press were concerned the fight was going to happen at some stage and that was the general opinion of most at that time, but it didn't happen because of Cruz. Would he have beaten Nelson if they had fought, we will never know only speculate. And by the way in my culture to call someone idiotic is offensive, so if your tone continues in this manner I won't be replying to anymore of your posts.
By the way I am not calling you idiotic. I would not do that. It is the comments that I take serious issue with not you personally. As you can probably tell I have serious views on this issue about Barry McGuigan because his antics prevented what should have been career defining for both men.
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