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Default Re: Marquez vs Pac: 3 wins, 1 draw

Originally Posted by bladerunner View Post
If you say Barrera was past it when Pac fought him then you have to say that JCC was way way past his best when Oscar fought him but you wont do that cause you're a biased gimp.

You say Oscar beat those guys and i say he didnt just like you think Pac lost to Bradley and lost all his fights with JMM, if you want to be biased i can be biased too.

I tripled my Vcash by picking JMM to win you dont see me bragging about it do you? you on the other hand and just judging by the way you act this was probably the first boxing prediction you got it right. Now go put on your fishnets and go play with the rest of the DSAB Crew.
Nope, I was one of the very few to pick pac to beat oscar too. I knew oscar was over the hill and bad match up for him at that time in his career. I actually predict most fights right and the very rare one dead on. I actually picked JMM by UD last fight and put 100 bucks on it but judges fuked it up.
I don't really know if Pac lost his previous fight to Marquez since I only watched a few rounds on youtube so saying 3-1 is more of a joke. To be honest it's probably Pac is 1-2-1 vs. JMM.
The fact that pac struggles with this guy so much and anyone that isn't washed up or he has an angle on shows his true colors. He's a warrior yes, a very exciting fighter who has been a blessing to boxing, but just like Mayweather he's become something he's not. Boxing was so desperate for a hero they're making ATGs out of fighters in a weaker era.

And you are obviously an Oscar hater. Love the rationale you supply. All of oscars close fights he won, he really lost. And all of the close fights he lost, he reallly lost. LOL sure pal
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