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Default Re: Thoughts on the Pacquiao/Marquaz fight

Originally Posted by sweet_scientist View Post
I think Floyd was waiting for Pac to deteriorate enough so that he'd time his fight with him nicely. I don't think he was planning to avoid Pacquiao forever.

As for Cotto, at his best he was a very good fighter, and that was about 5 years ago at least.

Canelo is unproven sure, but for mine he poses a bigger threat than re-trad Miguel does.

There's no reason whatsoever for Mayweather-Marquez 2.
No, there's no reason whatsoever from the fan's perspective or history's perspective for May/Marquez two. I didn't suggest that. I'm saying it might happen because of money. I'm saying Marquez would possibly subject himself to it again for another gigantic payday with Mayweather's all-too-willing help with some new bull**** angle about how he wears the weight better now and showed it by knocking out Pacquiao and ...ugh. I don't believe Canelo poses more threat than Cotto, but we can agree to disagree. It's guess work, of course. I think Cotto was still very good when he fought Mayweather, though he's obviously not peak and, like anybody who's been fighting as good a competition level for as long has taken some significant wear and tear.

As for Mayweather's plans regarding Pacquiao, I'm of the opinion that it was basically a matter of dealing with Arum and he and Arum were never going to get along enough to risk Pac on him. Arum holds a grudge and Mayweather isn't exactly an easy-going professional fighter or businessman either.

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
Alvarez is bigger, stronger, faster and harder hitting than Cotto. It's a different proposition. Trout is going to do what, outbox Mayweather? Lara is someone who could trouble Mayweather though, although I'm not sure how he does at this level
I don't believe Canelo is faster than Cotto. I don't see it. He's bigger for certain, and I'd concede bigger one-punch brute force, for that one punch, the left hook. He hasn't proven anything else to me at all. I don't think he's more skilled, though more two-handed offense. Even though I think he's a good, promising young gun. Also, I said I thought Trout would be tougher than Canelo for Mayweather. I certainly didn't say he would beat and outbox Mayweather. I just think he'd be a harder fight. So, let's not argue that point.

I'm not sure about Lara either, but, again, I didn't say any of those guys would beat Mayweather, only that I figured them tougher (and more proven, I'll add) for Mayweather than Canelo. Canelo's a good, unproven, young fighter. That's it, until he steps it up and proves otherwise. Trout's been proven at a higher level, now, as has Cotto and Lara. Easily. And at 154. Still, I don't favour anyone up to 154 against Mayweather. I think some guys are close to even money, but I directly favour none. Even Martinez coming down to 154, though I have no expectation of that happening. Him, if still viable there, I'd consider a 51-49 type shot in favour of Mayweather. That's the best I give anyone 154 and below with him in current form.
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