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Default Re: Thoughts on the Pacquiao/Marquaz fight

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
Mayweather should be bullyable at 154, with his lack of power and strength.

He should be bullyable every time he moves up it seems. And he never seems to be, really. He's much stronger than given credit for. Physical, total body strength, as opposed to his punching power, which is just respectable at these weights.

I think Canelo's a more dynamic puncher than Cotto, who is a bit pondorous, so yes I think he's faster although not night and day. I think he has a better right hand. He might be better defensively, Cotto nearly always gets hit, Alvarez doesn't too often although it's goto be said he didn't look great stepping up against Mosley though

We'll have to agree to disagree on hand speed, but I agree it's not night and day, whoever you pick. However, I also feel Cotto has better foot speed, and that it's significant enough for me to consider in a H2H sense. I can see thinking Canelo has a better right hand, as Cotto's a converted southpaw weirdo who's also had medical issues on the right arm, injury and surgery. I don't believe Canelo is better defensively. Not that the bar is too high, mind. You're right, he really didn't impress against a Mosley he should have impressed against. I'm not sold on him as an elite fighter at all. Alvarez doesn't get hit much against the likes of Cintron's ragged bag of bones.

Guerrero with his Winkyesque southpaw high guard and jab is an interesting technical fight I think

I think Guerrero is only interesting in that he's on a similar playing field to most of the guys at welterweight (Meaning I think Mayweather picks him apart), aka, as good a fight as any for him there, nothing that interesting being there. An interesting technical fight to me would be Guerrero vs Bradley, someone on a similar level, to me.

From a business perspective Lara won't get the fight and Martinez will be seen as too high risk

That's how I see it. Unfortunately. I'd love to see what Mayweather would be trying with them. Those, I find technically interesting fights.
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