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Default Re: Was Leonards win over Tommy Hearns his greatest accomplishment.?

Withot question the win over The Hitman was Leonards Greatest win, It is what made him an ATG.

His win Over Hagler was not really a win, most thought Hagler had won it. Sugar was just doing the pitty pats at the end of the rounds to steal points. HE never hurt Hagler, ran the whole fight and won narrowly at that. The Hagler fight to me is not a carreer defining fight. Although it showed what kinda fighter and person he was. Good and Bad

Duran / Leonad 1 is he next best performance and he lost in that one. Great performance and is not lessened for it.

Hearns was a monster, and was beating Ray the entire fight, He just ran out of gas and Ray tagged him. But without question in showed his heart and will to fight and stayed up despite being hit with bombs. Hearns of course won the next time and showed he was a better boxer than Ray in both.

Rays win VS Hearns 1. Greatest victory
Ray VS Benitez is his next greatest win
Ray Vs Duran 1 Lossed but showed his skill and ability

The fouth spot to me is debatable, probably Hagler although I think he lost
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