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Default Re: Marquez-Pac 4 shows the importance of strength and conditioning

some interesting posts.

but this thread is all based on one fighter winning a fight after changing his traning by basically trining HARDER and doing slightly different exercises.

I will give two examples of a fighter who started training with a S&C coach
and both guys got knocked out in brutal fashion for the first time in their career!

paul williams against sergio martinez 2. im not certain but i think i saw the build up to this fight and paul williams talks about his new training. we know what happened in the fight!

2. MMA- big nog vs cain velasquez.
never had big nog been knocked out before. he starts working with a S&C coach. he gets brutally knocked out in the 1st round!

Guys like edwin valero and joe calzaghe, both had very old school yet intense training regimes. i have NEVER seen any fighter who had their kind of work rate. valero was a superfeather weight/ lightweight who punched like a middleweight. both had granite chins.
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