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Default GAMBOA did Great Last Night.

**** all u hating ass no logic having lil girls.

1st.) gamboa was on a 15 month layoff.ring rust and timing is most affected.

2nd.) farenas is similar to salido,.when gamboa beat salido it didnt look like he was a good fighter,.then salido became champ again knocking out juanma and others.farenas is very underrated,& prolly future champ.

3rd.) farenas was a 3 week notice substitute. 3WEEKS!!!
gamboa only had 3 weeks to prepare for a lefty.

4th.) 99.9% of the boxers farenas hits with that left hand bomb he hit gamboa with puts them to sleep like jmm did pacman.FACT.
gamboa displayed a greta chin.he has never been down for more then 1 second.

5TH.) gamboa has the potential to kill every1 in 1 round, u put a high expectation on him and when he doesnt u think it looks bad.

6th.) farenas only hit gamboa 86 times!, a 12 round fight!!!!
gamboa has no defense??/..lmfao!! and gtfoh!
so i guess the 250+ times gamboa made farenas miss means nothing??

finally dont fall for the bullshit that these nerds and haters and cuban haters got 2 say.
just cause gamboa didnt finish him in 1 round they gonna talk shit.

considering all things,,gamboa did great,.going 12 rounds with a hard punching lefty after a 15 month layoff and ate a shot that was suppose to kill a mofo.

on top of the cuban haters and bitches on this forum
throw in that the pactards are in full swing since he got his shit pushed back.
they will be attacking gamboa in true pactards fashion.

**** all u haters.keep hating as gamboa keeps winning.
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