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Default Re: It baffles me that on a Boxing forum there is so little knowledge of training

Originally Posted by MichiganWarrior View Post
Its like the vast majority of this forum has never seen a weight room before.

"How can Marquez get so ripped in a year! He's 39!"

I've made gains in the weight room in gym 2 hours a day, 5 days a week on a diet of chocolate chip cookies, monsters and breakfast burritos.

Yet nobody knows what a motivated person on a real workout plan in his late 30's where its easier to retain mass can do?

Squats? Power cleans? Deadlifting? Age old techniques that have been tried and true for 100 years?

Nah it must be steroids.
True.. I mean.. If have you a serious workout scheme and if you have a good diet, then you will get in shape.. Workout and diet.. These are the TWO things you need. It isn't really rocket science or takes any miracle to pull off..
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