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Default Re: GAMBOA did Great Last Night.

Bro, u know boxing,..???

Just cause it wasnt a 1st round k.o. Doesnt mean it wasnt great.

He showed a great chin,
he showed he is a warrior,
he showed he doesnt have 2 be at his best and still win easy.

After 15 months??cmon
i know that this forum is full of morons that dont know boxing but swear they do,..
But for the few that know wats good,it aint hard 2 decypher.

Have u ever though he was getting hit cuase of a 15 month layoff??
Where the #1 thing affected by a layoff is timing???
How bout farenas is better then u think??
How bout it was 3 weeks notice to train for a lefty,after a 15 month layoff

give me a break with the bull**** and hating.

U ****ing haters are delusional sad excuses for boxing fans.
Do research and learn something.
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