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Default Re: It baffles me that on a Boxing forum there is so little knowledge of training

Another thing that irks me is people saying nonsense like "Marquez is HUGE!"

No, hes actually a small guy. 5'7 and fights at below 150lbs, probably walks around no more 155. If you saw him on the street,you would think hes just a small,fit looking dude.

He weighed the same on fight night last night as he did against Mayweather, except hes lost a couple pounds of fat and added a couple pounds of muscle.

People see shots where a guy is standing on his own in a ring throwing a punch,shadowboxing, where hes all flexed and the blood is pumping during traininga nd think hes a monsters.

When the truth is, hes about 4-5 lbs heavier in the ring than when he was when he was fighting at super-feather
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