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Default Re: JMM Proving to everyone you can develop KO power overnight at 39!! #CLEARLYNOTSTE

Originally Posted by Smokin' Joe View Post
Here, I'll make it REAL simple for you, since you're clearly a bit dim.

If your hand's in the position Manny's is in, you are not going to see a wide right hand coming over the top like that.

"It's the punches you don't see coming that do the damage".

The speed of the punch is irrelevant.
Thing is, he took an identical punch in the last fight and took it well. JMM has never come close to hurting pac like that. There could be a number of reasons, my theory is Pac's chin has degraded through all the ring wars he's had. Either that or maybe JMM focus on strength this time and chaneling his power into one big blow did the trick.
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