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Default Re: JMM Proving to everyone you can develop KO power overnight at 39!! #CLEARLYNOTSTE

Originally Posted by Smokin' Joe View Post
That's interesting. Because I spent time here before pointing out how in the 3rd fight, JMM looked slower than previous fights and didn't really rock Pacquiao with anything big. Only to be told that 'Steroids dont increase your strenght and speed, they only help you to train longer and recover quicker!'

So which is it?

Can't work both ways.
quit putting words in my mouth, I never said anything about speed. You got into so many arguments in this thread you're getting them mixed up.

All I'm trying to say that is JMM is a GREAT counter puncher. One of the BEST ever. Add new found power to that and BOOM! Good night Manny. You know who had GREAT timing and new found power at the end of his career but in a different sport? Barry Bonds.

No **** steroids makes you recover quicker, that's why when you train hard you can "magically" gain new strength a lot faster which can FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING seem like he gained it overnight.
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