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Default Re: JMM Proving to everyone you can develop KO power overnight at 39!! #CLEARLYNOTSTE

Originally Posted by Smokin' Joe View Post
That's interesting. Because I spent time here before pointing out how in the 3rd fight, JMM looked slower than previous fights and didn't really rock Pacquiao with anything big. Only to be told that 'Steroids dont increase your strenght and speed, they only help you to train longer and recover quicker!'

So which is it?

Can't work both ways.
Actually that is how it works. The scientific explanation and the dumbed down laymans term are the same damn thing. Enhanced protein synthesis and cortisol blocking enables you to "train harder and recover quicker".....same ****, different way of saying it. End result, with intense training and dedication (PEDs don't do the work) is bigger/faster/stronger beyond your natural limits.
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