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Default Re: Is GSP/Silva becoming the Mayweather/Pacquiao of MMA?

Originally Posted by sugarngold View Post
Super fights between champions separated by one weight class is a long standing tradition in the fighting sports. From Stanley Ketchell dropping Jack Johnson to Michael Spinks becoming the first lightheavyweight champion to dethrone the reigning heavyweight champion. It has always been a way for fighters to reach for greatness. True, fighters can choose to stay and rule their chosen weight class but others strive for greatness beyond that. Hagler is a perfect example of a great fighter that established himself as one of the greatest of his division - while Sugar Ray Leonard moved up from the lower weight to defeat Hagler and establish himself as one of the greatest fighters of all time regardless of division.

See the difference?
Not a fair comparison. Spinks was less than an inch shorter than Holmes and Leonard was actually a little taller than Hagler. The size differential between GSP and Anderson is huge. Silva is a shade under 6 foot 3 inches and has abnormally long limbs even for such a tall dude. GSP is barely 5 foot 10 inches with an average reach. The guy is a natural welterweight and would be foolish to fight such a bigger man as Silva. I don't consider Leonard any greater than Marvelous Marvin Hagler. Both fighters were awesome fighting men and Ray openly admitted he waited for Hagler to get old before issuing his challenge.. People will remember GSP the same way they remember Hagler; as a great long-term champion of the deepest division in MMA talentwise. Even Chael Sonnen admits GSP has fought far tougher opponents than Silva. For the record Ketchel sucker punched Johnson in their encounter. It was set up as a sparring session to entertain the fans. Ketchel was a thug and took advantage of the great Jack Johnson and threw a punch with full power knocking him down. Jack got up disgusted at the punk and knocked his ass out. That's what happens when you have a huge size differential; the little guy gets whipped.
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