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Default Re: Was Leonards win over Tommy Hearns his greatest accomplishment.?

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
both were tentative a little because both felt the others power. They were both trying to counterpunch in the beginning yet were not taking many chances, then slowly they got closer. It was an interesting fight. Hearns vs. Leonard (even the second fight) always had many different themes. Hearns following then Leonard tunned then Hearns hurt, then Leonard pursues, then Hearns boxes then Hearns comes on more. It was always a good give and take and changes in momentum. Very similar to JMM vs. Pacman in a way.. They were very evenly matched. Hearns/Leonard was never the same the whole fight. You never knew what would happen in their fights. That is why a third fight would have interesting. I think Tommy wins very similarly to how JMM did last night against Pacman.
Ya I think thats why it looked like Leonard was gonna lose there for awhile...
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