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Default Re: greatest aura of invincibility

Originally Posted by Jear View Post
Liston pre Clay
Tyson pre Douglas

Out of those listed I would stick with the big boys and say Foreman post Frazier. Once the 0 goes the aura of invincibility is never the same.

Hearns and Hagler support was pretty evenly split leading into their fight so I doubt you could say Hearns had an aura of invincibility around him.
Hagler pre Duran was a bit like the Klits at present. An elite in an era that back then was percieved to be pretty average at the weight. I think that the fact that his greatest anticipated opponents came from lower weight classes suggest he was not considered to be unbeatable. There were only muted murmurings of him fighting the Qawi, Saad and EMMs rather than the hype of the Fab 4
but Hearns had reached level of supremacy seldom reached. Pre Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy didnt have that same respect cuz the smart money including myseelf knew he wasnt going to beat Sugar and Knocking off tomato cans didnt means as much as it does to general sports fans

ask anyone if they didnt give Roy Jones ultimate respect based on the one loss on his record late 90s. record aint all that much as how u are performing

Klits being compared to Hagler? Hagler was a super elite whereas the Klits are nothing special.
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