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Default Re: It baffles me that on a Boxing forum there is so little knowledge of training

Originally Posted by MichiganWarrior
Dude if its harder to lose fat dont you think its harder to lose muscle as well? The older you get your metabolism slows down the easier it is to pack on mass. If i was your old ass i would forgo all the useless cardio which is actually detrimental the older you get and hit those weights and get ****ing shredded. To burn excess calories do resistence training and body workouts.
The only problem is that your test levels start to really decline in your 30s. If you're busting your ass and taking in a high amount of calories from eating clean foods, then yeah you see a lot of people get bigger than ever from 35-40. Not everybody's metabolism is the same. Cardio is a death wish for me personally and simply not needed.
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