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Default Re: Was Leonards win over Tommy Hearns his greatest accomplishment.?

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
yeah they were. Even when you see them interviewed together now they seem to match each other well. Ray pushes Tommy in fun and jokes. Interesting relationship, and Roberto and Ray and Tommy all like each other and hug. Marvin is coming around, it is taking him longer, but it is happening. This what I love about boxing, they all end up friends in the end. Not the same for other sports, except tennis. I notice tennis players become good friends. Maybe the one on one sports creates more respect. Who knows.
Which couldnt have been easy for Duran cause at one time that man hated everyone!...especially Leonard, and your right Haglar is starting to come around, as he should hes been bitter for 25 years I think thats long enough dont you, but your right it is great to see these guys together!
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