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Default Re: It baffles me that on a Boxing forum there is so little knowledge of training

Originally Posted by technocrato View Post
The thing that bother me is that when he was asked wether or not those muscle afected the fight, Marquez answer was "no". Personnaly, after gaining all those muscle the hard way, I would have been proud of my dedication and my first instinct would have been to say "yes". "Yes I worked hard and it paid off". But instead Marquez said "no". No, I trained hard and suffered and it didn't have anything to do in the result of the fight. That answer seems really suspicious to me.
That's because Marquez isn't stupid and knows **** about boxing. He had over 30 rounds to figure out Pacquiao and he's the best counterpuncher in the game. This time he put it together and caught him, timed him perfectly. I'd say the fact he's spent a lifetime developing his skills and sense of distance/timing is something he's more proud of than one training camp where he got some nice abs.
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