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Default Re: Jeffries v Quarry

Originally Posted by edward morbius View Post
I should have taken a nap before doing that post.

"Childs was a small man"

I should have said a small heavyweight, and he was, if so considered, especially compared to Jeffries.

"He was heavier than Choynski"

Who ko'd him.

"heavier than Fitz"

Who was an undisputed triple champion and who only lost legitimately to Jeffries over a fifteen year period in which he won three championships.

"Griffin did not ko Johnson"

Yes, thanks. I guess I was a bit too tired.

*on weights, I think it best to compare apples to apples--like the highest recorded weights below

Tom Sharkey--192 lbs (Fred Russell 1901)

Bob Fitzsimmons--175 lbs (Choynski 1894)

Joe Choynski--178 lbs (Denver Ed Smith 5-10-1897)

Frank Childs--173 lbs

I don't know how accurate these weights are (Adam Pollack says they did not weigh in) but Sharkey was 10 to 20 lbs heavier, and even Fitz and Choynski fought at higher weights than Childs ever did.

How many weights do you have for Childs fights to make this statement?
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