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Default Re: Ali vs Jim Brown at Hyde park - Any other good stories ?

Originally Posted by Ricky42791 View Post
Jack Dempsey was famous for not knowing the meaning of the word "Exhibition" he was horrible at stopping or pulling punches too. During a practice round that was supposed to be just for fun and publicity Dempsey landed a shot on Al Jolson's chin knocking him unconscious and with a permanent scar on the chin. I dont think Dempsey did it on purpose but none the less he connected and knocked Al Jolson out and after that Jolson showed off the scar to everyone he met and said "The great Jack Dempsey gave me this in a fight." so although it sounds brutal and cruel whether intentional or not Al Jolson took something away from the experience. Dempsey made really cheap movies like "Dare devil jack" or the prizefighter or something like that. When he was filming the fight scenes with the hollywood actors he had trouble stopping his punches and would knock them out cold. Ernest Hemingway insisted Jack go a practice round with him but Jack declined. Hemingway had actually done some boxing in his youth and was taking the exhibition very seriously and Jack said he didnt want to have to really hurt Hemingway so he quite wisely declined.
I remember reading a story that Dempsey was acting in a stage play and there was a boxing scene where he was supposed to win by knockout. They'd brought in a genuine heavyweight boxer to play the opponent. Being Jack Dempsey, when he was supposed to play-act the final blow, he hit the guy too hard so that he forgot where he was and his fighter's instincts took over. Instead of falling like it said in the script he came charging back swinging real punches.

The fight went on for several unscheduled minutes till Dempsey managed to beat him unconscious for real.
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