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Default Re: Boxing terms, what they mean and what they mean on the Internet.

Originally Posted by Claypole View Post

Real meaning: A tramp, or maybe a boxer who is completely out of shape, has no desire whatsoever to win and will happily fall over for the sake of a pay day. Very rare indeed.

Internet meaning: Any fighter who is overmatched, has a moderate record, or in some cases anybody who isn't above domestic class.

This term is often used on ESB and it generally shows ignorance and a lack of respect from casual fans who mainly get their boxing wisdom from the back pages of the Sun newspaper.
Originally Posted by stevo78 View Post
China chinned

Real - Somebody who is particularly susceptible to being KOd when caught flush.

Internet - anyone who has ever been KOd in any circumstance.
Originally Posted by icemax View Post
This is the one I hate more than anything....I would quite happily line up and gun down all the chin checkers on here
good responses these ones
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