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Default Re: Jeffries Admits Munroe Did Not Merit Title Chance

Originally Posted by janitor View Post

I think that should be his newly acquired managers talent for promotion. Before he came on board Munroe,[ or Munore as Mendoza prefers,] was a lightly regarded nobody. His best wins were a news decision over a Sharkey who had been retired for 2 years and been absolutely hammered in his previous fight by Ruhlin ,who had also kod him before.
Sharkey had been stopped in 3 of his last 6 fights thrown out in another ,along with his opponent Maher for lack of action and won just one fight in 4 years.
Maher was Munroe's other" name" and like Sharkey thats all he had left his name, 35 years old, a total ****head.
Maher had won his last fight on a DSQ against the epic Joe Grim a welter/middle, prior to that he had not won a fight for 2 years . Maher had been kod in his 3 fights before Grim in a total of 5 rds.

Those are Munroe's best victories

Fitz & Sharkey give their opinon of Munroe's chances below.


In this interview after the Maher/Munroe fight Jeffries gives his opinion the fight was fixed for Munroe to win and says," Munroe is not even a good second rater". That Maher has been washed up for years and could not even beat a lightweight.

In the link below Jeffries say he lost $1000 on the Munroe fight and he says he is anxious that" future opponents be well regarded by the sporting public".
The inference being the Munroe fight was a foregone conclusion ,and that he was NOT well regarded.

Below," Little Old Wine Drinker",
Peter Maher

I have never debated that Jeffries either didn't rate Munro, or didn't like him, of likley as not both. Jeffries and Fitzsimmons did not like Munro's promotional tactics, and likley did not think much of him as a fighter.

None of that detracts from the fact that a lot of people did buy into the Munro hype train. With a shortage of credible opponents for Jeffries, much of it fell on fertile ground.

While everybody seems to have expected Jeffries to win, some people thought that he could give a good acount of himself due to his youth and size. Even the epople talking down Munro's chances in your article, thought he might last six or eight rounds with Jeffries.
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