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Default Re: Your opinion about Pac/JMM 4

Originally Posted by BigBone View Post
I guess the right hand that put Pac on his ass was a lucky punch too, so was the one that hurt Pac in the 5th, so was the one that put down the sparring partner 3 weeks ago.
Great examinations. He also stopped Casamayor with a right hand in a gif I couldn't find.

Originally Posted by Miguel View Post
No, it wasn't a lucky punch, it was a greatly timed punch - the luck about it was that Pacquiao left his chin open at a time when Marquez was really struggling - it was a life saver of an opportunity and it's lucky it arrived at that time. But the punch itself was brilliantly executed and timed.

Pacquiao looked far from shot - Pacquiao is not the first champion to take a punch like this. Look at Lennox Lewis against Rahman who is far inferior or Paul Wililams against Sergio. If you're off balance, falling forward with your chin exposed and someone bangs you with a punch you don't see you're down, no matter how good you are or how good your chin is.

Pacquiao looked far from a finished fighter, apart from the reckless wild punch that lead to his KO, it was almost vintage Pacquiao and Marquez was struggling big time

But the KO can have psychological effects - Pacquiao can go the way of Cotto or the way of Lennox Lewis
Pacquiao is mentally strong in the ring but these past years I've always questioned his desire of the sport. Not to say he would be impressive against Mosley and Bradley circa 08-09 but he would've tried harder for sure. Thing he should beat Rios and hang em up if not do it right now.

Originally Posted by ElCep View Post
Who is better - Pac or JMM - is kind of a dull debate. They both offer something different but equally great, however, I think Manny's career achievements clearly surpass those of JMM.

Pac is a full-time boxer, he's one of the most consistent and active around. Just because he has interests outside doesn't automatically mean they are detrimental to his boxing career. All fighters who reach a certain level of success have external interests. At least Pac has Arum to do the legwork.

Can see Manny still being ahead of JMM(Barrera and Cotto wins) but H2H I gotta go with Marquez. I still thank them for an entertaining series that I feel should've ended last night. Wish they both retire honestly and have their health intact.
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