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Default Re: Jeffries Admits Munroe Did Not Merit Title Chance

Jeff did not try to fool the public. He and Fitz both said after the exhibition that he was just toying with Munroe and wasn't in the best of shape and just wanted to give the fans their money's worth. Yet the Munroe media machine made a big deal out of their 4-round exhibition and hyped it up big time. Munroe was a big strong looking dude, and he followed that up with several wins against big men, some known for strength and power, so he could convince the press that he had a shot to really give Jeff a run for his money, and talked up their exhibition and his confidence to whip Jeff so well that he garnered momentum for the fight. Plus Munroe was a big guy, which added the intrigue of seeing Jeff in there with another big man. Just like today, beating a "name" fighter does a lot for one's career, and beating Sharkey, regardless of the stage of his career, was the name that Munroe needed on his resume to convince folks that he was for real. The more he won, the more some in the press started to believe his claims about how he did with Jeff. It worked then as it still does today. Jeff all along told people Munroe would be easy for him and wanted to thrash him good just to show what a liar Munroe was, and Jeff did what he said he would do. I would like to point out that the loss to Jeffries was the only time that Munroe was ever stopped, and he fought some good fighters with power in Hank Griffin, Peter Maher, Tom Sharkey, and Jack Johnson.
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